Calcutta Cup sportfishing

Calcutta Cup sportfishing

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Punta Umbria and El Rompido again dispute the Calcutta Cup sportfishing 2015.


Next Saturday, 10 October, It celebrated the fifth edition of the tournament fishing from anchored boat, Calcutta Cup, facing athletes Sports Club Nautico de Punta Umbria and the Yacht Club Rio Piedras.
Last Friday's meeting was held patterns for organizing the fishing day. This year corresponds to the Yacht Club Rio Piedras organizing the event, for vessels which have no cost to the visiting club. Also it will provide all logistical support and facilities required for the event such as the landing of fish, weighing and subsequent cocktail.
The tournament pits two teams of ten fishermen each, organized in pairs, which enjoy the fishing action in five boats, with a fight two to two, ie four fishermen by boat, being two of every club.
The current edition 2015 will break the existing tie between the clubs, since each of them has won two editions of the Calcutta Cup.
The fishing area has fijadoa from a point off the coast of El Rompido, funds ranging from 27 Y 40 meters. From the point indicated by a circle shall be entered 1 mile radius as valid fishing area.
Friday afternoon the facilities of the Yacht Club Rio Piedras in El Rompido also welcomed the draw for boats, fishermen and positions, he offered the following results: will ship in Gondor José Julio Ortiz and Jose Antonio Caparros by the CNRP and Orube and Juan Francisco Romero by CDNPU; in Spartan Pedro Luis Trujillo and José Luis Bonano from the CNRP and Francisco Castillo and Manuel Perez for the CDNPU; Victoria fished in Martin and Juan Antonio Bracero by the CNRP and Ruben Francisco Asencio and Orubejr by CDNPU; Gabino in Salajobre Hispanic Francisco Saez and the CNRP and David and Ivan Spain by CDNPU; and finally the boat will compete Juniper Pedro and Ernesto Rumbero by the CNRP and Rafael Rodriguez and Tino by CDNPU.
The vessels are formed by four participants, two of each club, the pattern can be participant. The duration of the test is the same as the previous contests, and fixed by both teams, consisting of two sets of three hours each, performing a change of post in the middle of each sleeve. The two fishermen each club can switch their positions including convenience.
Bait, chosen by agreement between the two clubs, It is this year and shrimp longuerón, and will present the same at the premises of the organizing club just before the boarding of participants, and after breakfast traditional twinning of the day.
The general rules governing the contest are reflected in the Competition Rules of the Andalusian Federation of Sport Fishing. Both at the beginning and end of each test or sleeve, and changing positions in the boat, They will be indicated by acoustic signals or radio. The time spent on changing position of athletes in the boat are not deducted from the total. The fishing action is necessarily made of reeds, reels and line plomeada. The minimum weight will lead 60 grams and should always bottoming. Athletes who occupy the front seats in the boat, they should use heavier weights depending on the depth and current, not to harm the fishermen back. Sets can not be made above the head. The low line are free, in diameter and composition, its length should not exceed the cane, inclusive may be constituted by wires; They may only be provided with a maximum of three hooks. The bass line that is not used should be stored. In the collection action to recover both prime catches or hooks, Lead must be entered on the ship. After the boat docked, the beginning of each sleeve, only three changes allowed funding agreed by majority vote. Drop off or pick out is not considered changing funding. In all these maneuvers the lines have to be collected on the boat.

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As usual it has done in previous editions, size and minimum sizes of parts with respect to the provisions of the rules of fishing is increased and the Andalusian Federation of Anglers own. So, a minimum size of set 20 centimeters, but for all species of legal size to top 20 its established centimeters size will remain (for instance, chopa must be over 23 centimeters). The pieces weighing a measure which is less than one centimeter more than the indicated minimum for each species will be penalized minus weight of the total. Five pieces with more than one centimeter below its designated size are penalized with disqualification. If it were a snapshot taken by various bait and tackle different athletes, It will be valid for one who has hooked by the hook in the mouth. If I had more of a hook nailed different athletes in the mouth or away, is not valid. Catching a fish with several hooks of the same athlete, although they were not stuck in the mouth, is valid. Incomplete or manipulated fish are invalid, except dangerous species like spiders, scorpion, etc., they will not be admitted if they have not cut weighing all skewers. The species belonging to the families that are named below, not considered valid: God, Triggerfish or Tambor, Congrio, Dormouse, Morena and the like, Mackerel, Mackerel, Halibut and sole. Catches may be used as bait for fishing action.
After a day of fishing will proceed to download and weighing of catches in the Club. The score to classify the results of the participants, It will be a point per gram total weight of the valid catch. The two participants from each club added their catches to a single vessel Weigh club. The winning club will get one point for boat. Since there are five boats, It not draw expected, but if the largest joint heavy win. The winner earns the right club that year to incorporate the Calcutta Cup to showcase its facilities pedestal placing on their plate with the date and winning club, and the names of each club teams, that already adorn the tops of their 4 previous editions.