Male Freshwater Fishing Contest. (THE Silillos 2012)

The Provincial Delegation of the Federation of Sport Fishing in Huelva, with the collaboration of Valverdeño Sport Fishing Club, organized last 11 March the Freshwater Provincial Championship League Clubs, qualifying for the Championship of Andalusia.

As was the case last year, the stage was again el Reservoir Los Silillos, one of the busiest places in freshwater fishing .The atmosphere and the weather during the test were excellent, although meant for fishing carp counterproductive as soon make an appearance due to low water temperature first thing in the morning. The largest catches among the participants were the carp and barbel and all were returned to the water after weighing, as dictated beautiful catch and release mode.
The test was conducted in two single sleeves three hours and included the participation of 15 fishermen in the province, mostly from the Valverdeño Fishing Club.
In this first installment, we offer the first leg of the two that made the test.
!! Enjoy it !!

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  1. Carles July 8, 2015 4:27 am 

    maravillosa experiencia! nada más lindo que pescar con amigos

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