Spain, with Barranquero and Alcantara, World Champion Sea Coast

For the second year, the Spanish world champion proclaimed Mar Costa Male. In the trial held in Port d'Albret (France) the Spanish team caught on a superb performance during the four days of competition and both Carlos Cuesta Barranquero which finished third- David Alcantara Moon contributed to the deserved national gold.

Carlos Cuesta Barranquero (First Left.) and David Alcántara (Right second.) celebrating the triumph in France.

The Spanish Mar CostaMasculino revalidated in France on world title mode. As happen last year's World Championship in Torremolinos, Spain gave no option to their rivals and won so well deserved his second consecutive world championship. Three fishermen in the top five in the final standings and three sleeve top four was the balance of the national team on the French coast of Port d'Albret.

The Malaga Carlos Cuesta Barranquero, world champion last year, He climbed back to the podium with a remarkable third place, cattle, above all, in the final and deciding set which was first overall. Meanwhile, Malaga fellow David Alcantara Moon, champions of Andalusia, could only be twenty-sixth, being the 7th position in the second race his best result in the test. The Spaniard Juan Cánovas Miras was the best of us to achieve silver and only be overcome by the Portuguese Joao Cordeiro, brand new world champion. For selections, Spain was accompanied on the final podium of the XXXI World Championship for Portugal, second, yHolanda, third.

As for females, who played in turn the XXII World Championship, the Spanish selection, which did not have any Andalusian among its ranks, He finished fifth. Croatia won gold team, seguida de France and Italy. In the individual section, Italian Michela Martini was proclaimed world champion, while French and Brazilian Pauline Bellicourt Vilma Domitian were second and third, respectively.

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