Huelva delivery trophies for sport fishing 2012

The Territorial Delegation of Huelva, of the Andalusian Federation of Anglers, Saturday celebrated the awards ceremony that rewarded all athletes who performed well in the year 2012. The event was attended by representatives of most onubenses angling clubs and was chaired by Francisco Garrido and Juan Romero López Orube, president and vice president respectively onubense.

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With the Association of Residents of La Hispanidad as a place for the celebration, prizes were awarded to the top, second and third classified in each of the provincial championships held during the fishing year 2012, in their respective modalities (Costa Mar, Sweet water, boat anchoring, Corcheo, Black-Bass and Trolling Height) and categories (men's, female, clubs and youth).

Ambitions onubenses Fishing

The clubs were the most awarded C.D.P. Valverdeño, Valverde del Camino, a total of seven awards, all in the different categories of Agua Dulce, followed C.D.P. The Blue Marlin, six, and C.D.P. Door Spain, five, who ruled in the categories Boat anchoring and Sea Coast next to C.D.P. Isla Canela, also Ayamonte, which he won three awards.

The other clubs were obtained prize: the CD. Nautical Punta
Umbría, the C.D.P. Los Rosales, C.D.P. La Garza, the C.D.P. Hispanidad, the C.D.P. Playas de Cartaya, the C.D.P. Bass Huelva, the R.C. Huelva Maritime and C.D.P. The Mazagon Huelva. The event also paid tribute to the various onubenses athletes who achieved great results in different Andalusian and national championships held during the season.


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  1. antonio Lain February 3, 2013 11:37 am 

    Cinnamon Island was provincial champion club team,Individual provincial champion and runner-up,The club competes in isla.canela nothing more ENBARCACION ANCHORED,NOT ON SHORE,and two consecutive years champions andalucia por.equipo.

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