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Jiennense domain in Andalucia Championship XV Black-Bass Shore played in the reservoir Andévalo (Huelva) last weekend. Victory, as noted from the press department of the FEP, was to Enrique Romero García. Linares, Jaén, the runner-up for the Sevillian José María García Mateos and third place for Cazorla Luis Redondo, Also Jaen.

Test, organized by the Andalusian Federation of Sport Fishing, through the Provincial Delegation of Huelva and Huelva Bass Fishing Club, It was attended by 33 Fishermen from all Andalusian provinces, except Almería.

The first round of competition, five hours and disputed Saturday afternoon, had. as a fisherman's top José María García Mateos, after capturing the largest number of parts in a sleeve (five) and get a weighing 3,820 g. Behind him, Enrique Romero Garcia, three parts and 2,480 g., Varona and Santos Carlos Cordoba, also with three parts and 3,000 g.



In the second race, which took place on Sunday morning, Cazorla Luis Redondo signed the first position with four parts and 2,940 g., followed by Enrique Romero, and three 2,820 g., and Bartolomé Martos jiennense Cobos, with four and 2,380 g.

Finally, and thanks to the more regularly between the two races contested, the jiennense Enrique Romero García, a total of six pieces and the best weighing Championship (5,300 g.), was awarded the win ahead of Seville José María García Mateos, that due to its poor second run, with only one piece, failed to qualify for the final triumph and stayed in 4,880 g.