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The Sports Fishing Club Santa Lucía de Cartagena (Murcia), was declared the winner of the XXI World Championship Fishing Sea Coast, League Clubs category, held in Grandola Portugal.Al final triumph of Murcia is noteworthy combined fourth place reached by the Sports Fishing Club Santa Ana, Seville, highlighting the magnificent Spanish performance in Portuguese waters.

The Cartagena fishing equipment, has been composed by Miguel Angel Robles, Jesus Vidal, David Torres, José Carlos Saugar, Ledó Adrian and David Alcantara. In the World Cup ended yesterday took part 18 Equipment 10 countries.

The official competition, which began Tuesday and ended yesterday, Friday, and it developed in four sets (one day) four hours each. The first day took place at the beach Carvahal and Andalusian fishermen were the most accurate. They led the manga, Julio Alvarez-Ossorio Caracuel signing a second beach, ahead of 'The Robaleira’ Portuguese and the Dutch of Westkapelle.

The second and third set, Carvahal contested in Open and New, They were not very favorable for the Andalusians interests, getting eighth and sixth, respectively.

Quite the contrary that the C.D.P. St. Lucia, with the Andalusian David Alcantara in its ranks, was highlighted with two top positions and led the field until the end of the trial where he won very clearly the Club de Pesca 'A Robaleira’ (Portugal) and TVW-Penn-Zeemengel (Belgium).

The Championship, organized by the International Confederation of Sport Fishing by the Portuguese Federaçao Sportfishing involving conntó 18 Equipment 10 countries and has resulted in a new global triumph for Spanish Chartists that in ,mackerel, jureles, smooth and turbot as predominant species, signed the first World Cup victory this year relumbrón.