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Gate Spain wins El Portil


The club ayamontino Door Spain He won the victory in the latest edition of the provincial Boat anchoring League Clubs, succeeding C.D.P. Isla Canela in the honors, and he finished second.

The C.D.P. The Huelva, Palos de la Frontera, finished third. For the third consecutive year, Provincial Championship League Clubs Boat anchoring again fell into the hands of a club Ayamonte.

The Sports Fishing Club Gate Spain won the last edition held in El Portil, happening in the honors Fishing Club Deportivo Isla Canela, champion last year. A total of seven clubs gathered in a race that was organized by the Provincial Delegation of Huelva, through the Club Náutico New Portil, and that evolved into two sets of three hours, which ripped early Sunday morning. The championship was hotly contested at all times and weather conditions favored greatly so it could be a great day of fishing. The six boats, four fishermen from different clubs each, they enjoyed good catches and the first three were decided narrowly score. Finally, the C.D.P. Door Spain retained the title already got in 2011 and they beat C.D.P. Isla Canela and C.D.P. The Huelva, it achieved its first provincial podium in this mode. Finished fourth in the host club, the C.N. New Portil. With respect to the individual classification, Manuel A. Paul Guerrero, del C.D.P. Isla Canela and reigning Andalusian Selective High Competition Boat anchoring, was the highlight fisherman, followed by José Orta Martín, del C.D.P. Gate Spain, and Antonio Flores Laiño, del C.D.P. Isla Canela. The top three clubs representing Huelva in the near Andalusia championship mode, which will take place in Cádiz between 27 and 29 September.


It took place on the beach arrow El Rompido the Spain championship surfcasting. Here's the video of the first part.


Andalucia devastates in the Championship of Spain de Mar Costa held in Cartaya (Huelva)
Unprecedented success of the Andalusian fishing on the beach of La Flecha. The top six, led by Oscar win Flores, Andalusia and Andalusia were unanswered revalidated the national title
The Spanish Federation of Fishing and Casting, through the Andalusian Federation of Anglers and with the cooperation of the City of Cartaya and C.D.P. Playas de Cartaya, held this weekend, on the beach of La Flecha, XLIV Championship of Spain Male Sea Coast.
The Championship, which it served to decide which athletes will make up the High National Competition (where will the Spanish team for the World Cup to be held on the beach in Torremolinos), It was developed as normal during the day on Saturday and the two rounds of competition, four hours each, They were carried out under excellent weather. Beach Arrow again demonstrate that it is, day by day, one of the best scenarios for this sport.

The Provincial Delegation of the Federation of Sport Fishing in Huelva, with the collaboration of Valverdeño Sport Fishing Club, organized last 11 March the Freshwater Provincial Championship League Clubs, qualifying for the Championship of Andalusia.

As was the case last year, the stage was again el Reservoir Los Silillos, one of the busiest places in freshwater fishing .The atmosphere and the weather during the test were excellent, although meant for fishing carp counterproductive as soon make an appearance due to low water temperature first thing in the morning. The largest catches among the participants were the carp and barbel and all were returned to the water after weighing, as dictated beautiful catch and release mode.
The test was conducted in two single sleeves three hours and included the participation of 15 fishermen in the province, mostly from the Valverdeño Fishing Club.
In this first installment, we offer the first leg of the two that made the test.
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Huelva Ayamonte town, It is the site chosen to decide the best
Seville club in this mode from boat


The Provincial Delegation of Seville of the Andalusian Federation of Anglers, carry
held this Sunday 3 April the Provincial Championship Vessel Anchored in the category of League Clubs, valid for the Andalusian championship mode.

Regarding the development of competition, Teams will consist of four sportsmen and these different vessels fishing in. The test will consist of two rounds of three hours each, since changes must take place within the vessel, compulsorily, after the 50% of each sleeve.

For the final classification-gram points of catches are weighed in obtained valid in conjunction Manga by the four members of each team-Club, ordering them from highest to lowest and reassigning them in "jobs" of each Team, ordered from lowest to highest.

The winner will represent club Sevilla in the next Andaluz Championship mode to be held also in Ayamonte between days 29 Y 30 of April.

We attended the 21 Spain Championship Fishing Boat anchoring which was held in the town Cadiz Rota, and wherein quote they gave more than 70 Fishermen in Spain.

Although the weather adversely showed throughout the test, fishermen demonstrated their category facing bad sea conditions that prevented fishing.
The captuaras were quite acceptable given the conditions and the end result pretty tight.
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