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The [against] unique culture of the city of Golden Gate Bridge offers visitors endless Things to Do in San Francisco. However, if you're there to eat, find the best seafood in San Francisco can become an adventure. It will not be easy to choose a city famous for its culinary sophistication and ingredients worldwide fame. San Francisco offers such a long list of delicious seafood dishes, you could try a new one every day for the rest of your life without ever get out of the city limits. This is a “issue” pretty serious, but to make your life easier, Here we suggest three very different restaurants, but all amazing, where you can enjoy the best seafood specialties in San Francisco.


Fog Harbor Fish House

If you are looking for an exceptional meal after taking a cruise on the bay, you will not want to lose the restaurant Fog Harbor Fish House. Ideally located right in the Dock 39, this gem is the perfect place to relax and enjoy an incredible menu of dishes from fish, further incredible views of the Golden Gate Bridge. Fog Harbor has reached a level of popularity among the main culinary attractions of San Francisco as the first certified restaurant in using the 100% of sustainable seafood, meaning that you can agree with the amount you want delicious dishes of fresh fish, crab, lobster, oysters and other seafood, knowing that you have put your grain of salt to protect the environment. Fans of this restaurant raving about their sourdough bread, you can savor directly from the basket or can also be enjoyed as a tasty bowl of his cream acclaimed clam. The central location, This restaurant is usually full to the top, then maybe it is a good idea to call ahead or book online through Open Table.

Under Sea

Located in the heart of North Beach, this lively restaurant owned by a family, offers the finest Italian dishes of seafood you'll find miles around. Rich in history and famous for its recipes, Sotto Mare bills itself as the home of “Best Damn Cioppinio” (the “Best Cioppinio and point”) and version seafood stew Italian customers always leave wanting more. The atmosphere is very nice, informal and welcoming, with an emphasis on traditional hearty Italian food prepared with the freshest ingredients. And the menu is reasonably priced, which might tempt you order a whole table of delicious dishes. And if you want to recreate one of your favorites at home, You can even buy fresh fish when you go out! As everyone loves Sotto Mare, here will need to make a reservation for a table.


For an unforgettable experience that will transport you to an underwater wonderland, do not forget to go to Farallon, an elegant restaurant in Union Square. Previously a large pool in the years of the decade 1920, Place architectural details have been preserved and reinvented to create a unique atmosphere of elegance and fantasize. Jellyfish lamps, a vaulted ceiling and tiled walls and furniture that bend and curvean like the inside of a seashell, fund extravagant serve an equally imaginative menu. Pairing complex and exquisite preparations of fresh seafood dominate the menu. Its unique and delectable menus make Farallon is a tourist attraction in San Francisco as pleasing to the eye as it is to the palate.