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Guillermo Flores returns to our waters

Today we mention a young athlete of our people, Guillermo Flores, sailor belonging to the Yacht Club Rio Piedras and has returned to active competition in the Laser class, after overcoming a serious injury after having undergone surgery that has kept him away many months for recovery.

A more than creditable 16th place achieved Guillermo In the Laser class 42ª Christmas Race which it was held these days in Palamos.For Flores This was a very important test after months of training and tuning after undergoing surgery, That's why so for him It was more a test than anything else.

This traditional international regatta for Olympic classes and youth World Sailing (International Sailing Federation) meeting about 350 boats and more than 600 regatistas.

Guillermo Flores ended very satisfied with what has been done, and as he pointed to the website of the Andalusian Sailing Federation, I was "Happy with how I felt",He is arguing that "the result might not reflect much but if you have not been above has been for silly details that have not allowed me to look more".


Flores acknowledged he felt very good physically: "I've seen strong, It has been a tough race, stockings 25 knots, and I put up very well, I have seen the work I have done in recent months has been more than satisfactory ".

Flores concluded: "I bring, further, many things to keep working hard facing the goal is the Sophia of Palma, so I'll get on it right away.
We hope to see you soon for our waters and fit Rompido.
!! Much encouragement, Guillermo… !!

Guillermo Flores Cup Spain faced with the idea claim the title and earn credit for the Games in Rio

"The sailor Yacht Club Deportivo Punta Umbria go to this event after winning the first round of the Copa de Andalucía Laser Standard in the Linea de la Concepcion.

22 September 2015

Guillermo Flores says is in a good shape.

S. D. After winning the first race of the season Andalucía Cup in Laser Standard Line Conception of last weekend, the Spanish champion andsailor Yacht Club Deportivo Punta Umbria, Guillermo Flores, whether it is in Ibiza to fight for the Cup of Spain specialty, which starts on Friday and reach until Sunday, with the best Spanish sailors in contention.

The intention athlete, after starting the season as a shot after leaving forgotten that unfortunate injury that slowed him in his conquest by taking Olympic berth, is claim the title to reinforce moral choices and, since the European Championship, in February, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, it has become almost definitive key to keep options of going to the OlympicsRio de Janeiro. Hence the importance placed back into the first showcase.

"I feel great physically and moral, and therefore want to aspire to the highest in the Cup of Spain and think later in the European", said Guillermo.

The champion of Spain in 2012, not at all rule out its inclusion in the national team representing Spain in Rio. "The injury stopped me completely, But I'm recovered and I want to aspire to everything. I have time for it and hope to be at the highest level in the remaining competitions ", said the athlete.

Guillermo Flores looking for a place in the Olympics.


We present William, formed as a sailor from 7 years in C.N. Río Piedras, and a curriculum that, despite his youth, It includes several titles of Champion of Andalusia and Spain in different categories, and long experience in international tests shares representing our country.

Guillermo Flores

At the gates of the Olympic Games in Rio 2016 That's when Guillermo needs a decisive financial support to try to achieve the dream of representing their country in the Olympics. Given the current economic situation, aid by the Junta de Andalucía and other government agencies have been delayed or have disappeared altogether.

We leave you with your video presentation, edited by a young local filmmaker and friend William (Andrés Campoy) in which you can know him better and if you like, cooperate within your possibilities that you can realize your dream.